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대회규정 - World Lash Championship Eye Lash Extension speed rule
2017-03-30 12:23:47
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Eye Lash Extension speed –(Mannequin)

* Both side /30min



▣ Competition Rules

Setting Tips : Use the hygienic cleaner on a clean towel to make arrangements

     (The head of the mannequin is covered with a towel).

The mannequin should not be extended or increased.

It is possible to apply only one eyelash to each eyelash when extending to one eyelash.

The material(glue,eyelash) must use the product with ‘KC’, ‘KPS’ mark which is certified by the government.

    - Prerequisite : You must use 5ml of [WORLD LASH] premium glue.

It is important to put safety and hygiene first.

Extending eyelashes are based on J-curls.

Cleaanliness around is also important, and dropping or dirty tools can be a factor in your deduction.

It can not be performed using the forehead of the mannequin or the hands of the practitioner.

Both basic eyelash of the mannequin are provided before the start of the competition.

The mannequin is judged in the extended state.


Extension eyelash length


Extension eyelash thickness


Accelerated eyelash

Be offered by the organizers

Glue(designated product)

Premium glue- Be offered by the organizers

Pretreatment product

Offered by the organizer before the competition-The courage is prepared by the individual.


▣ Judging Categories

Hygiene and readiness(safety)
Confirmation of adhesion between extended eyelashes and base eyelashes.
Judge that proper blend with basic eyelashes.
Checking the amount of glue.
Judge whether or not you have used the difficult eyelashes properly.
Quantity that the attached eyelashes do not bond well with the basic eyelashes.
Completion within the earliest time.

One by one, one to one, procedure.
At the time of the procedure, posture, technique, whether to use the prescribed method.
Cleanliness after the procedure.



▣ Disqualification

① Exceed the competition time.
② Touch a model’s hand or work after the competition is over.
③ Conversation with other competitors during the competition.
④ If there are no models or competitors after the pre-judging.
⑤ The competitor or model has left the venue without notifying the organizing committee.
⑥ When performing in an unsafe position
⑦ Anyone who makes a noise or interferes with another person’s competition may stop or withdraw the procedure.