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대회규정 - World Lash Championship Eye Lash Art rule
2017-03-30 12:35:08
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Eye Lash Art – (Art Box)



▣ Competition Rules

Attached to the box provided by the organizing Committee.

The basic lashes are provided by the organizing Committee upon receipt of the competition registration.

The work of art starts with eyelash extension or rehabilitation.

Only one strand of eyelashes can be used for extension.

The material(glue,eyelash) must use the product with ‘KC’, ‘KPS’ mark which is certified by the government.

    - You must use 5ml of [WORLD LASH] premium glue(provided by the organizing Committee upon receipt

of the competition registration).

It is important to put safety and hygiene first.

At the same time as start-up, you must do both in the same way and depending on the order and procedure.

Extending eyelashes are based on J-curls.

The lashes of different colors are attached to the extended eyelashes.

Art materials used on eyelashes include glitter, hologram, beads, stone, accessory, feather, acrylic and 3D

art made with gel.

The tip box has no decoration on the background.

Tip box base is white paper(Tip box size: Horizontal14.5cm, Vertical10.5cm, Height2cm).

The art box will be sent to you by the school or by personal mail upon receipt of the competition registration.

It should be written in Korean and English in 14cm width and 10cm length paper

    (Must be a Word document, Title-15 point font size, Contents-10 point font size, name is not shown).



▣ Judging Categories

Visual excellence
Media used
Clarity of Design

Overall Impression



▣ Disqualification

① Work beyond the prescribed size.
② You have not submitted a subject manual.
③ You have not submitted your work at the designated time.