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코리아네일컵-대회규정 Competition General Rules_English
2017-03-21 17:26:29
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  Competition General Rules




▣ Registration Fee:


*The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.




▣Eligibility Condition for Competition Entry:


*Professional : For all Professionals or competitors have competed but never won 1st,2nd or 3th in any international nail competition.

*Junior : For all students or nail artists who have never compete before and have competed but never won.

*Student : This devision is open to individuals who areenrolled colleges or high schools in South korea

*Competitors can challenge higher division, but not lower division.




▣ Translate:


*A competitor who does not understand the language of the organize country or english should be accompanied by an interpreter at their own convenience.

*Competitors and models must fully understand and follow all the rules. Failure to comply may result in a disqualification.

*During the competition, only the competitors and models can enter the competition venue. If allowed by the organizer, you can enter the competition venue.




▣ Competition Organizing Committee:


*The Competition organizing committee may refuse to registrate.

*All photos and videos taken by officials and employees of the Organizing Committee are owned by the Organizing Committee.




▣ Arrangements:


*Competitors must supply all necessary products, supplies and equipment including UV lamps, transformers, extension cords and table lamp etc.

*After the competition start, competitors can not take out the products, tools and any materials.

*Competitors must bring the model, and it is the competitor's responsibility to obtain the model.

*All competitors must present their ID card st the reception desk and be given an entry card and a seat assignment.




▣ Pre-Judge:


*The nail of the model are pre-judged to whether or not there is an foul action before the start of the competition.

*If judges judge that competitors have violated the rules, they may deduct 1 point or disqualify them.




▣ After the competition:


*Once competition time ends, all competitors must not touch or talk to their model until judging finished.

*When the competition ends, all competitors must stop working, stand up and cannot clean table until all models are in line for judging.

*The organizer shall not be held responsible if the model fails to give the score after leaving the judging area before the judging is completely finished.

*Models can not wear any accessory on hands and neck.

*Models with tattoos or scars on their hand, wrists, forearms should cover them.

*If the work of the model hand is damaged or removed before the judging is over, the disadvantage is the responsibility of the competitors.

*If the model goes to a lower division and is judged, the score is invalid.




▣ Judge:


*If there is a dispute or a score is tied, the Organizing Committee shall decide.